Uploaded this site.
IŽve made the experience that a few seconds after uploading a scenery,
IŽm finding a bug, even if I`ve tested for hours. :))
In order to avoid any inconvenience for the simmers,
who downloaded my scenery IŽll put up a patch on this page,
every time a bug is reported to me.
(At this point thanks to Michel Vanderhaeghen and John Burgess.)
Certainly youŽll find news on the progress of projects.
Presently IŽm working on EDFC, but still need a day with good weather to
take some texture pictures. (Thx to Helmut Kern for the pictures of EDFC.)


IŽm very happy about the friendly mails rushinŽ in.
Keeps up my motivation :)))
I received some wishes ie. to construct the AFN-transmitting-antennas
near Oberursel and IŽll do my very best to add them soon.
And this goes to all the people living in the rhein-main area. If youŽve got
pictures of airports (EDFZ, Oberems glider-field) or objects.
(ie. Kronberg castle), feel free to mail them.
Please donŽt send me pictures of youŽre own house, unless it can be
considered as a landmark :)))))
Pls keep the pictures small (I dontŽt have so much bandwith), if I need a
better resolution, IŽll answer soon :))
Best are pictures taken in daylight, frontal and medium angle (because of the
perspective.) ... pictures normally not to be considered as very artistic,
I presume :))
New Feldberg textures will be uploaded at thursday, including night texturing.
This picture is a little teaser. (Lights are still off.)

Englisch ist hier die erste Wahl, um die Seite international zu halten
und zwei Sprachversion einfach sauviel Arbeit machen :)).
Falls aber extremer Bedarf an deutscher Sprache besteht, bitte kurz schreiben.


New Feldberg textures uploaded.
I have to play around with the flatten switches, because IŽm not
completely satisfied with the form of the mountain itself.
I hope I can take pictures at Aschaffenburg tomorrow or on sunday.
Update for EDFC is scheduled for the end of the month.
Received additions to the wishlist. The area around Mainz/Finthen
will be next. :)))

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